Decayed Events
- Lucien Désar 7/17/2006 revision 4
(c) 2008 All Rights Reserved Lucien Desar

Chorus :

Can you hear the crows crying?
Leaves flying down across the road
over the fields where the moon shines through
on this night, this decaying evening

 Can't you hear the angels calling?
A hearse comin' into style
Comin' down the road
To clean this mess you made
Comin’ with their gloves
It’s better not to ask why
So sad to see you cry

Repeat Chorus

The day passed away so suddenly
It never did when you were with me
Can't you taste the moon?
Bats flapping through the countryside

Repeat Chorus

This is the evening that I dream of
So sad to see you cry
I understood what you said
Underneath this sky of pretty red
So sad to see you cry
So sad to see you cry

Repeat Chorus (3z)


Babylon Train
(c) 2008 All Rights Reserved Lucien Desar
Lyrics & Music by Désar

Verse I

It’s Thanksgiving Evening
On a Wednesday
Time to catch / the 6:13
Dolores, and John / Jump aboard hand-in-hand
The train bound for …..Babylon


Babylon train
Headed for Richmond Hill
Hempstead train comes
Signal block J fails
Air brakes lock
Lights-out, hearts-stop
Atom bombs bang
Sudden pain

Verse II:

Emergency calls made
They need more blood
By midnight / nearly 1,000 appeared



Verse III

Father Ned, gave so many prayers
His eyes were / filled with tears
Anointing them with oil. Intoning their prayers.
There’s a call for order
Yet so many questions still remained




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